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International approval for the AQUA.UV®CIPP for the renovation of drinking water pressure pipes

AQUA.UV®CIPP with drinking water approval from NSF International according to NSF / ANSI 61

  • RELINE APTEC receives the NSF's international approvals for new AQUA.UV®CIPP UV-light-curing GRP liners for the rehabilitation of drinking water pipes
  • German approval for cold and hot water according to the KTW guideline issued by the Federal Environmental Agency in June 2018
  • The GRP liner with a unique, seamless interior coating meets all national and international test requirements pertaining to formulation, material components, manufacturing process and production facilities

AQUA.UV®CIPP by RELINE APTEC - certified to NSF/ANSI 61RELINE APTEC has made another milestone. Shortly before the end of the year 2018, the UV-light-curing GRP liner AQUA.UV®CIPP received confirmation of drinking water approval from NSF International.

RELINE APTEC has developed the AQUA.UV®CIPP Liner especially for the renovation of drinking water pipes. The AQUA.UV®CIPP is a GRP hose liner made of specially tested material components that can be used for all applications in the drinking water and food grade sector. Due to the special composition of the materials and the special structure of the liner the internal, seamless and superior coating the AQUA.UV®CIPP is ideal for absorbing operating pressures (up to 16bar or 232 PSI) and transporting drinking water.

Since June 2018, RELINE APTEC has been granted German approval for the AQUA.UV®CIPP according to the KTW guideline issued by the Federal Environmental Agency (as of 07.03.2016) and the test according to the DVGW Technical Rules, Worksheet W 270 (Nov. 2007).

Now, NSF International also lists a very extensive and complex testing process with numerous individual steps, a detailed factory audit and a 91-day trial demonstration period.
The AQUA.UV®CIPP is officially approved for contact with water in regard to NSF / ANSI Standard 61 - Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects Official Listing.
NSF International is one of the world's most respected global non-profit health and nutrition organizations. Products certified by NSF International must withstand the strictest testing and grading criteria.

Now that all the approvals have been obtained, the advantages of UV light-curing GRP pipe liners can also be used for the renovation of drinking water pipes.

The AQUA.UV®CIPP from RELINE APTEC offers the following advantages in particular:

  • Fast and economical execution of the renovation
  • Ready-to-install delivery of the pipe liners to the construction site
  • No resin mixture and no impregnation on site
  • Fast curing times
  • Minimal traffic load on the construction site
  • Stand-alone liner design for high pressure loads

Further information about the AQUA.UV®CIPP and RELINE APTEC can be found at:

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D-76865 Rohrbach
Tel. : +49 6349 93934-0
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Große Ahlmühle 31
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Tel.: +49 6349 93934-0
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